Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You get what you deserve.

My little one, 'Lola' has given new meaning to the term terrible twos. She is absolutely crazy. Today on the way home from daycare, she climbed out of her carseat and tried to climb into the front seat with me. I almost went off the road trying to keep her in the back. So then I told her she had to go straight to her room for a nap. The only way to keep her in her room is the lock the door. So I did. I know, I'm a horrible, horrible mom...

Anyway, when she got up from her nap, I went in to clean up her walls and closet door, which she had artfully decorated with an orange crayon and a purple colored pencil. I discovered the outlet right buy her bed was blackened. She had tried to plug in her lamp with a silver necklace wound around the prongs! She could have killed herself or started a fire or Lord knows what.

'Lola's' Grandpa fixed the outlet for me, replacing it. He thinks we need to save it for a scrapbook page, with the fitting title, Shocking Behavior! I went to the store and I bought some of those doorknob baby locks. It's safer than locking the door and having to find a coin to unlock it. And believe me, I'll be extra careful about keeping the outlet covers in from now on.

Have you ever been told that your children will be just as bad as you were? My husband's parents insist he wasn't bad, so the crazy gene seems to come from me. I participated in some wicked schemes hatched by my sisters and brother, but surely I was an angel...or perhaps my memories don't properly reflect who the mastermind was. All I do know for sure is that my twin brother's youngest daughter is quite a handful. So at least I'm not taking the full dose of karma.

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  1. Wow! First, I love your blog header. Second, thank goodness "Lola" is alive! What a scare, Third, your FIL needs to get into scrapbooking, he has quite the knack for titles!!


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