Saturday, February 7, 2009

Scrapping myself...

So I've been scrapping for my kids for years. And then last year I realized that someday my kids will grow up and take their books with them! So, since I've done hybrid scrapping for them all this time, I decided my own books would be traditional. Recently I discovered I can have 12x12 pages printed, and with the help of fabulous software, I really threw myself into creating some great scrapbook pages for my girls and my cats.

I have decided that someday I'd like to create freebies for other scrappers, kind of paying forward the favor of all the great free stuff I've gotten from other designers. I know to offer the freebies I need a blog. So here it is. But I decided I had to make a fabulous header and I discovered one thing in particular: It is hard to scrap myself. I've done pages of me with my kids and pages of me with my husband. But never a page just about me, expressing who I am, or at least who I see myself as.

Who do I see myself as? I guess the following words describe me: Wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, book-nerd (I work at the library and LOVE LOVE LOVE it), artist, cat-lover, and eclectic --did I spell that right?!?

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