Saturday, February 14, 2009

Out with the old & wanting what you have.

Today was a cleaning day. We bought Goofball a new lamp for her room, so we rearranged her room which, of course, led to cleaning. Her room wasn't too hard, but Lola's room was terrible. How can kids make such huge messes? Then we decided to clean the basement, which is where the other half of the toys are. I put two huge boxes aside for the garage sale this spring. Yay!

As for wanting what you have, today I saw a quilt on clearance for $28. It was $110 when I first saw it. At the time we decided it was way, way too expensive, so we bought a different set. To see it now on clearance and know that it is exactly what I wanted breaks my heart. We can't afford it, not really. Everything costs so much, especially the stuff we can't live without like laundry detergent and cat food. *sigh* So I know I didn't need that quilt. I know that someday I'll be able to buy things like that when the kids are older and the money flows a little more freely. Besides, if I bought something really nice like that now, and it was really nice, the kids would mess it up and of course it would be covered in cat hair all the time....

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