Sunday, June 19, 2011

A neat idea, link to tutorial & FREEBIE!!

First, I have to apologize for neglecting to post anything recently. I'm not going to make excuses about how busy I am since I'm sure every other person out there has their own version of a busy life too. Needless to say, I haven't been struck by the inspirational bug in awhile.

Anyway, I am working on getting my books current for my trip home to see my family this summer. I am current on my digital work and Scrapbooksplease has a free shipping sale starting tomorrow!! I am working on a few more traditional layouts before I'll consider myself done. Right now I have some adorable pictures of my 4 year old and her friends. I decided on using butterfly themed embellishments, I'm not sure why, but I have a nice variety. Some of it are pieces of a belt that broke (some tooled leather butterflies and some metal butterflies), butterfly iron-on patches and shrinky-dink butterflies I learned to make at Girl Scout camp. Did you know you can recycle #6 plastic to make shrinky-dinks?? It's so awesome -- I never actually made shrinky-dinks before camp last weekend so chances are even the store bought ones would amaze me. So to get back on track, I needed a way to tie the butterflies to the friends on the page. I came up with this quote:

"Friends are like butterflies: each one is different, each one is special, each one is beautiful." Now, how to get it onto my page in a neat and interesting way??

Wouldn't it be cool to make my own rub-ons? Thank goodness for Google and Bing, I was able to find a tutorial on how to do just that! Check out the tutorial here. And here is my wordart freebie for this quote.

You can download the freebie here. I actually included 7 different versions of this quote, with printing them to make my own rub-ons in mind. You could certainly use them on digital layouts and cards as well. Please enjoy them, and note that if I used another designer's piece as a stepping stone, I tried to include their name in the name of the design -- sorry if I didn't get you, not all my stuff has names on it.