Monday, May 25, 2009

The First Family Tree is done!

This is the tree I designed for Lola. She's a princess, so I thought she deserved a pretty pink tree with cherry blossoms. I think it turned out okay. I am working right now on a layout for Sis and when I was copying names into Lola's tree, I realized the tree I wrote out for myself is messed up. I considered buying another 2 page set like I did last time, but I think I'll just make one on the computer. It gives me more freedom, although it is labor intensive.

I finally got my scrapbooking supplies in my office (or should I call it my studio?) organized. I don't have shelves to put all my boxes on, but I think it'll work for now. I even sorted all my metal jewelry pieces and odds and ends. I have some cool stuff, it's just a matter of knowing where it is when I need it.

I managed to get my big family page done as far as I can. My dearest friend sent me some dried flowers to use and I added the tiny playing cards I tea-stained. It's in the book and looks finished, but if my father-in-law ever finds his dad's tackle, I have places it can be added. I need to figure out a way to explain the significance of each item on the page, but there isn't room on the page itself....maybe some kind of pull card on the back??

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