Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yesterday was so upsetting. I took Sis and Lola to the dentist for their annual cleanings. Sis went first and the hygenist told me she has 4 cavities! It makes me feel like such a cruddy mom. I am not the biggest enforcer of brushing at bedtime and poor Sis has to pay the price. She has to go in 4 seperate times to have them filled. The worst one is so bad the dentist has to remove part of the nerve in the tooth, fill the cavity and then cap the whole tooth with stainless steel. Lola's teeth are okay so far, but all our bad habits have to stop here.

Thank goodness for ways to make brushing fun. We bought some of that stuff that turns the plaque on their teeth blue, that's a big hit and so is the bubblegum flavored floss. I just wish I had enforced good habits from the beginning.

If anything good has come out of this, maybe I'll put together a free set about the tooth fairy or cavity-monsters....we'll have to see.

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