Friday, March 6, 2009

Just rambling

Sorry, no freebies today, but I am working on a new set. It's called Odds and Ends. I was cleaning out my office, where I do my traditional scrapbooking. I pulled all kinds of little items from my drawers and bottles and scanned them. I think there are at least 13 different keys, coins, pins, cards, game pieces, frames, paper clips, some pictures, things I've found on the ground -- it sounds weird, but it's going to be so cool! The whole set is going to be a fun mix of items. I personally don't make pages all from one set, I mix and match items as it suits my needs, so a little bit of everything can be really fun. I hope it will be out soon, but this weekend I need to put together a poster for the library. It's going to be Art Appreciation. I wonder if we had a contest where people could fill out a form telling me as many names of paintings or the artists and then submit it. What would they win?....More news at 11...hehehe

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