Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tomboy Scrapbook Set Freebie!

How lucky can I get? When I decided to start working on my Tomboy Scrapbooking set, I went online in search of a cute skull. For the most part, the best art out there is copyrighted (and I don't want to steal), so I took a chance and asked an artist if I could use his work. Daeo gave me permission to use his artwork for free on the condition that I give him credit and share the links to my work with him. Sounds like a pretty awesome deal for me. You have to go over to deviantart and check out his gallery. Here's the link. He also has his own website, This is my take on a tomboy. Obviously they aren't all the same. My tomboy likes things like skulls, stars, skateboarding, 8 balls, and music. She also loves Star Wars, the Incredible Hulk and Angry Birds (those 3 didn't make the set.) So you understand that while I couldn't cover every interest Tomboys have, I hope I've been able to give you a fun but not too girlie scrapbooking set for those special daughters who aren't girlie girls.
This set includes 20 papers, 8 brads, stickers, frames, photo corners, shoelaces and word art. Enjoy! Can't wait to see your layouts with the set. You can download the elements here. You can download paper set 1 here. You can download paper set 2 here. For all downloads, please use the password, sodigitallyme.

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  1. kit looks great, keep up the good work, Thank you :)


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