Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Map Papers

I am working on a special project right now and was disappointed in the available free map papers for digital scrappers. So, I made myself a cute set of papers and decided to share them with you. Here they are: US1 US 2 Just click on the previews to download the full sized papers from photobucket. You will notice the center line has repeated states, when I made my 2-page layout, I used torn edges to break the paper where I needed it -- for my project, I needed most of Nebraska intact. This project of mine is a secret so I can't show you my layouts just yet, but I'll post them eventually. Happy Scrapping!


  1. Those are beautiful papers. Great job! I find the same trouble finding really nice map stuff that isn't cute or silly. These are quite elegant looking papers.

  2. I will try to pin on pinterest your two great freebies. They are perfect for genealogists.

  3. Exactly what i've been looking for! Thank you


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