Friday, October 21, 2011

Answer for Julie -- using PNGs on scrapbook page

I just got a comment asking the following: Thank you so much! I am new to digital scrapbooking. I am having trouble adding PNG image to my page, I usually use JPGs. Do I need to convert PNG into JPG? Thanks! Julie Okay, the difference between a .jpg and a .png is that .png has a transparent background, so when you put the object onto your page you don't have to worry about that object covering up something with it's background. You are also better able to create realistic shadows because you are shadowing the object, say a ribbon bow, instead of a square white box with the ribbon in it. I am not sure what type of digital scrapbooking program you use, but almost every program I have tried has recognized .pngs as picture files, therefore they can be added using the IMPORT command in the edit menu (or something along those lines.) My program also allows me to "drop" a file into my workspace by selecting it in and open folder and dropping it into my document editing screen. Whatever command you are using to try to add .pngs, look at the little file type selection box, does it say "jpg only"? Make sure it says "all picture files" or "all files". Then you should be able to select the .png object you wish to add to your layout. You'll find that the transparent background allows you a lot of versatility on your layouts, you can create amazing layered effects with them. Anyone with specific questions for me can use the "Contact Me" button in the right side column.

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