Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy busy, all the time...

I'm sure every last one of you can understand, I feel like I'm busy all the time! I have been making great progress with my digital scrapping projects. They MUST be done by Christmas for gifts as well as to show to the family, we see each other 2 times a year so the books help them see my kids grow. I haven't done any traditional scrapping since June, but Saturday is a scrapping retreat at the library (hosted by my good buddy Raynette) and I'm going to take a page in to do there. I think I'll also share my books so people can steal ideas if they want. I was able to make a great layout set for my Family History display, but Banned Books Week starts on Saturday, so I need a new set of layouts by Friday.
Of course I still have to do all my work here around the house and all my other little distractions. I managed to get a Monday off, so tonight I get to go to MOPs with my bestie, Becke. Hopefully I can manage to go once a month. She also convinced me to try that Lil Farm thing on FB, so I'm working on that (and other silly apps) at least once a day. And not to mention the books I need to read! I have a list a foot long hanging in my locker at work. I should have more time to read during the fall/winter, right?
Will I ever have a moment where I have nothing to do??

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